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International Reader's Conference with Vladimir Megre, Author of the Ringing Cedars of Russia Series

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Anastasia Foundation for Culture and Creative Support of the City of Vladimir along with “Ringing Cedars Ltd.” announces that, from 10th of October to 17th of October 2008, it will hold an international readers’ conference with the participation of Vladimir Nikolaevich Megré, author of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” books.

It is planned to hold the eight-day conference in Turkey, city of Antalia - Belek in a five-star hotel "BELCONTI" (Internet-site:


Day 1: 10 October 2008. Arrival, assigning accommodations, registration of arrivals, familiarization with the detailed schedule of events, familiarization with additional information and the grounds of the hotel. Viewing of a television programme on closed-circuit television entitled “Allow me to introduce myself,” which talks about the participants in the conference and about villages under construction and in operation.

Day 2: 11 October 2008. Arrival, assigning accommodations, registration of arrivals, familiarization with the detailed schedule of events, collection of additional information, announcements, beginning of the operation of the internal mail service, operation of the close-circuit television system, programme “Allow me to introduce myself.” Get-acquainted party.

Day 3: 12 October 2008. Meeting of Vladimir Nikolaevich Megré, the author of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” books, with readers. From 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.—beginning of the international conference and answers to questions from readers.

Days 4 - 7: For the days of October 13-16 the Ringing Cedars Conference programme includes flexible schedule of events.

Day 8: 17 October 2008. Free interaction day, farewell party.

The organizing committee of the conference will invite professional interpreters to Turkish, English, German and Russian for a synchronized translation of Vladimir Megre’s presentation. However, we cannot guarantee that we can provide interpreters for individual personal interactions, so we suggest that groups consisting of individual settlements should select an interpreter from among their participants.

During the entire period, a mail service and information-inquiry service will be operating, through which you will be able to contact any conference participant of interest. In the event you wish to submit your hand-made articles for exhibit, you must inform us prior to 15 September 2008 by e-mail which is listed below.

The schedule of events has been considered put together by us based on financial resources. If you have any suggestions or comments that are within our means, we are prepared to listen to and discuss them.


1. You must have a passport for foreign travel whose validity should not end two months prior to your departure for Turkey (if you do not have one, you have time to obtain one at the passport office of the district where you reside). You must purchase the tour by filling out the following form:

2. The cost of the tour for 3 nights is $250 USD and for 7 nights is $550 USD per person. The cost includes two person suite residence in a five star hotel and three meals per day, all inclusive. Single suites and luxury suites are available for additional cost. Travel by air from the closest international airport from your location is not included. In 24 hours a qualified specialist will contact you providing full information regarding booking of tickets. You can get an idea regarding the price of air tickets by the address of the lead tour operator.

3. Organizational fee - $120. For the payment of the organizational fee please use one of the contact addresses listed below. If you have any questions or suggestions please visit the websites listed below to receive all of the needed information, or contact us in a manner you are most comfortable with.

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